Binghamton University | Arts 486 - Computer Graphics | S 2019

FEBRUARY 12, 2019

Project 1: Poster Redesign

For this project, we were tasked with finiding a poster around campus and effectively redesigning it to make it our own. The first two are my new renditions of the third image, the original poster.

MARCH 5, 2019

Project 2: Business Card

This business card is made for Retern, a worldwide package return and exchange management company. Their goal is to provide an easy to use service for shipping all over the globe. The persona is an arctic tern, which has the longest migrations known in the animal kingdom. They have a continuous worldwide circumpolar breeding distribution and in their lifetime they will travel and average of 1.25 million miles. Retern aims to distribute packages with the grace and far-reaching distance of artic terns.

The color scheme is based on the artic tern's natural coloring; white and grey feathers, a black cap on their head, and bright red beaks and feet. The logo utilizes how the tern's appearance in flight mimics the shape of an "E" to form the name of the company "Retern."

March 26, 2019

Project 3: Style Guide

Click to view the Retern Style Guide

A showcase of the various fonts, colors, and styles used for Retern's website and branding.

Pictured below is the grid for the website:

May 2, 2019

Project 4: Website

Click to view the Retern Website

Website for Retern, a worldwide package distribution company. Featuring package tracker and location finder

Pictured below is Package Tracker:

Click to view the Package Tracker